Final(s) Countdown

For most of my fellow law students, finals are so rudely approaching. The next few weeks will be spent hunching over text books, frantically searching for pre-made outlines, and crying oneself  to sleep in the library. The thought of getting out of bed, let alone getting halfway decent, is unfathomable. On a good day, a law student during finals will brush their teeth and take a shower. You’ve been warned.

As much as I love fashion, I dread getting ready for school. However, research has proven that feeling good about your appearance can help you to focus more and perform better in a learning environment. The solution: roll out of bed and look polished within a matter of minutes. Wear clothes that are both comfortable and cute.

Here are a few ideas on how to do it!

Getting Dressed:

1. Knit Headband: If you don’t feel like brushing your hair then throw a headband on it like this pink one from Nordstroms. Knit headbands are perfect for the chilly weather  and they still make a fashion statement. This is one of my main g0-t0s.

2. V-neck T Shirts: I especially love wearing the men’s v-necks that come in multiples for a good deal at stores such as Target. You can wear these to bed and still look socially acceptable wearing these to school or on a casual day out.

3. Oversized Sweaters: It’s winter! Bust out a cozy knit sweater like this cute Aztec print sweater from Oohlaloft and throw it over a t-shirt or tank. Wearing a large, warm sweater is almost as good as carrying a blanket around. Almost. 

4.  Leggings: What can I say, wearing leggings feels like wearing pajamas but somehow they have crossed over into acceptable day wear. Just make sure that the leggings aren’t see through! Try these fleece-lined leggings from Oohlaloft to be EXTRA cozy. Amazing.

5.  Comfortable Shoes: Moccasins are the closest things to slippers that exist, and they are cute! If you are feeling extra ambitious, throw on a pair of boots over your leggings for a more polished look.

Hair and Makeup?

When you are really in hardcore study mode, you can probably care less about your hair or your make-up. If you are feeling up for it however, there are ways to throw yourself together in 5 minutes and still look polished.

1. Put your hair in a top-knot bun to look ballerina chic.  This look is still going strong and it’s so clean and easy!

2. Simple jewelry such as a pair of stud earrings will not overwhelm a casual outfit.

3. If you are feeling bold then a bright lipstick can pull your  entire look together. You definitely won’t look like you just rolled out of bed! If red is too much for daytime, go for a more subtle pink or bronze.

4. One of my favorite tricks is to wear a scarf! I can’t count the number of times that I don’t feel like messing with my hair at all. Scarves are so versatile and can be tied a million different ways!

Hope this helped motivate you to get out of bed and get dressed. Good luck for everyone taking finals over the next few weeks!

live life in-joy!



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