Are You Fur-real??


It’s a new year and after a little holiday hiatus, I’m back with some fresh new fashion ideas! Faux Fur has really made a statement this winter and I’m loving it!  What a great way to stay warm; this trend is fun, cozy and animal friendly ;) Below are some of my favorite faux fur trends as well on some ways that you can pair faux fur vests to fit your own unique style.

faux fur

1. Aztec Print Trapper Hat: $8.99

2. Faux Fur Lined Gloves:  $3.59

3. Black Faux Fur Vest: $45.60

4. Fux Fur Circle Scarf

5. White Faux Fur Vest: $63.00

6. Faux Fur Boot Liners: $14.97

Even Faux Fur can get a little pricey. Watch my video tutorial below to see how you can make your very own faux fur vest at an affordable price with only a few simple steps!

Ultra Fem









Live LIfe In-joy!



Categories: Bargain Shopping, DIY

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