A Today(ly) Dose of Jessica!

Hey there and happy Thursday!

For today’s post, I wanted to feature a real special chick. As many of you may  already know, I come from a small suburban town north of the Golden Gate Bridge called Petaluma. We are best known for our historical downtown and our renowned eggs. Yes, I had chickens growing up, no joke!

Jessica Today is a fellow Petaluma native, a small town girl who is making a big name for herself in the modeling world.  Both intelligent and humble, Jessica certainly has a good, or should I say  BEAUTIFUL head on her shoulders! (seriously, check out her pictures below!)

jessica today 8

“Modeling wasn’t a long time goal of mine” Today admits. “It was something I developed while I was living in Los Angeles.” Today got her start when a photographer approached her at random and asked her to do a photo shoot. “It wasn’t long after that I signed with an agency and started booking jobs.” Jessica currently works with Ignite Model Management.

A year and a half after signing with Ignite, Today has had the opportunity to live an exciting life traveling and meeting fashion industry participants from around the world.

“I love meeting people from varying backgrounds and traveling to different places.”

Today most recently returned from Korea where she booked jobs with both  Marie Claire and Leon Magazine. Her modeling career has also allowed her to travel throughout the United States, to Jamaica, Mexico, and Spain. Today plans to return to Asia this winter.

At 5’7″, Today is slightly smaller than the typical fashion model but does not allow this to discourage her from her goals.

“Being shorter has challenges such as fitting pants for fall/winter but I think it’s a lot about confidence, style, and movement” said Today when referring to her height.Today reminds us that “perfectionism is a myth” when it comes to her profession.

“perfectionism is a myth”

Today has experienced a whirlwind of opportunity and success but still remains humble.  “My most surreal moment would have to be working with such talented artists and being able to make modeling into a career.” In addition to Marie Claire and Leon Magazine, Today has worked with other leading names such as Forever21 and Vogue Italia and was featured on the cover of Palm Springs Life Magazine. Her most recent project was an editorial shoot with Lone Wolf Magazine which should be released  sometime next month.

Today still enjoys quiet time at home with family when she gets the opportunity. She describes her experience growing up in a small town as “amazing.” “It’s such a close community and feel” said Today. “It’s common to run into people you know at the market or out shopping.”

In pursuing her dreams, Today stresses the importance of loving what you do. “I believe in doing what makes you happy” she said.

“If someone’s dream is to become a model, my advice is to work hard and not give up. Surround yourself with others who are supportive.”

To see more work from this talented model, please check out her blog at http://jessicatodaymodel.tumblr.com/

***I do not own any of the pictures below. All copyright material belongs to its respectful owners. These pictures are arranged at random for display purposes only and are not organized according to photographer.

tumblr_md6fvr4peF1rawy9fo1_128027B-Jessica-Today-091 jessica today 3jessica today 6IMG_1300 IMG_1828 IMG_7236 jess (1 of 1) jessica today_0431 jessica_0299 PerfumiesJune2012_1_Print IMG_72364jessica fanjessica vintagejessica today 5


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Live, life, in-joy!



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