Valentine’s Daze

Spring is on the horizon, couples are feeling extra lovable, and yes, the day that single women (and some men)  everywhere dread is fast approaching. I have been single on every Valentine’s Day since the age of 18. Those of you who know my age can do the math. The way I see it, you have two choices: you can mope and be bitter because you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend to take you out to dinner at an overcrowded restaurant,  buy you chocolates and a singing stuffed bear from Walgreens (Does anyone actually LIKE this stuff???), OR you can be fabulously aware of your “single” status and own it. I realize that this conversation is a little one-sided but you get my point.

So… if you are feeling a bit down about being “alone” on what is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, here are a few affordable ideas to boost your mood. No one knows what you like more than you so “TREAT YO SELF”

1. Buy yourself flowers: Nothing like a beautiful bouquet of flowers to brighten up the day. Head over to Trader Joe’s market and pick up one of their super cheap flower arrangements, I mean $4.99?? Awesome. (My roommate in college used to do this all the time just because!)

Trader joes flowers

2. Eat Plenty of Chocolate: Chocolate is a Valentine’s Day staple so head over to a local chocolate shop and ask for a sample. They are  probably going to be feeling extra generous on the day of love. For those of you who are SanFranciscan’s like myself, head over to Ghirardelli and do a walk through to get a free sample! (If you are feeling bold, walk through twice to get a second sample ;) )


3. Get a Makeover: Head over to the mall and sit at one of the makeup counters and let them test out some products on you.  You will probably feel obligated to buy at least a little something so make sure you seek out a brand that you actually like. If you don’t want to buy anything than be polite and bow out gracefully. No shame in that game!

make up

4. Wear Pretty Panties:  Who says pretty underwear should be saved for romantic occasions? Go buy some pretty underwear just for yourself. Head over to Aerie, lingerie by American Eagle, to catch their 7/$26.50 deal on undies! That’s a steal.


5.  Get a mani/pedi: This is self-explanatory. Pampering, foot massage, gossip magazines…need I say more? Grab a couple friends and hit the nail shop. If you are really on a budget then just do a polish change; I’ve been to salons where it is as cheap as $5 to just get your nails painted.


6. Go Outdoors:  If the weather is nice,  go outside and get some fresh air with friends. Some of my favorite spots nearby include Marin Headlands and Muir Woods. You will leave feeling refreshed and clear-minded.


7. Bake something for friends:  This Martha Stewart recipe for conversation heart cookies is so cute! If I could bake even a little bit I would totally do this and come up with fun messages. Try it out and then everyone will like you when you have treats to pass out at work/school.


8. Find a local Valentine’s Day activity:  This year in San Francisco there is going to be a huge pillow fight in front of the Ferry Building at 6 pm.  Maybe this is a good way to get some of your Valentine’s Day aggression out!? Check local websites such Fun Cheap SF to see what other singles-friendly events are going on.


9. Splurge: Buy yourself something that you don’t need just because, like the pair of shoes you’ve been wanting or a new dress that makes you feel oh-so-pretty like this adorable number from OohlaLoft. 


10. Remember that it’s just another day:  Honestly, there is a lot of pressure for Valentine’s Day for singles and couples but in the end, it’s just another day and the world keeps spinning.

live, life in-joy!



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