Dressing the Part: What to Wear for Your Summer Internship


So you’ve landed your ideal summer internship and are well on your way to being the professional woman you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Congratulations! Now for the real challenge-creating your professional wardrobe. But office attire is so boring you think. And if you are anything like me you also think wearing a suit is extremely uncomfortable and that kitten heels shouldn’t even exist. However ladies, summer interns have built quite the reputation of dressing inappropriately at the office, explaining the emergence of the popular term “skinterns” used to describe skin-bearing summer interns. Skirts fall just a little bit too short, heels are just a little bit too high, and blouses are just a little bit too sheer.

I get it. The weather is warming up and students, myself included, are accustomed to the relaxed campus dress code, which leaves plenty of discretion for individual style expression.

I spent an entire two days cleaning out my closet this week in order to make room for my new grown-up attire. Goodbye daisy-dukes and fringy Coachella tops-it’s been real. While I am not suggesting that you get rid of all of your fun clothes, it is probably a good idea to acquire a few office basics; save the sheer tops for a night out with friends. I wore a pair of too-tight, white jeans one time to a legal internship and felt super uncomfortable the entire day; don’t do that to yourselves ladies! Going professional doesn’t have to mean dressing frumpy. Think of it as an opportunity to prove your seriousness in the workplace.  Below are a few suggestions on how to build a stylish office wardrobe on an intern (not skintern) budget. ;)

bare necessities

Mix and Match Add Some Flair

Happy Shopping!



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