Bargain Shopping

Valentine’s Daze

Spring is on the horizon, couples are feeling extra lovable, and yes, the day that single women (and some men)  everywhere dread is fast approaching. I have been single on every Valentine’s Day since the age of 18. Those of… Read More ›

Are You Fur-real??

Hello! It’s a new year and after a little holiday hiatus, I’m back with some fresh new fashion ideas! Faux Fur has really made a statement this winter and I’m loving it!  What a great way to stay warm; this… Read More ›

Final(s) Countdown

For most of my fellow law students, finals are so rudely approaching. The next few weeks will be spent hunching over text books, frantically searching for pre-made outlines, and crying oneself  to sleep in the library. The thought of getting… Read More ›

Breaking all the Rules

As a law student, my day is constantly consumed with texts about  rules and restrictions,  what is lawful or unlawful, the “penumbras” of the Constitution and so on -blah, blah , blah!  Fashion also has a certain set of unspoken “rules” that… Read More ›

Rainy Daze

Today, I had one of those can’t.get.out.of.bed. mornings where the  pattering of rain against my windows and cozy scented candles are enough to keep me nuzzled in bed for a few extra minutes hours. When I did finally rise, I… Read More ›

Serial Thrifter!

So there is a catchy hip-hop song circulating the airwaves that is solely based on finding the best bargain at a thrift store. This may be a spoof on “hipster” culture but regardless,  it seems that I have found  true… Read More ›