Me and All My Friends

Final(s) Countdown

For most of my fellow law students, finals are so rudely approaching. The next few weeks will be spent hunching over text books, frantically searching for pre-made outlines, and crying oneself  to sleep in the library. The thought of getting… Read More ›

Rainy Daze

Today, I had one of those can’t.get.out.of.bed. mornings where the  pattering of rain against my windows and cozy scented candles are enough to keep me nuzzled in bed for a few extra minutes hours. When I did finally rise, I… Read More ›

Serial Thrifter!

So there is a catchy hip-hop song circulating the airwaves that is solely based on finding the best bargain at a thrift store. This may be a spoof on “hipster” culture but regardless,  it seems that I have found  true… Read More ›

Oh hey there!

Thank you for stumbling upon my first blog entry! I’ll try not to disappoint I am a fashion fanatic who doubles as a law student at UC Hastings College of the Law. (we’ll see where my career takes me). I… Read More ›